For $49.95 (39.95 Euros), the quality of this trench coat cannot be beat. Unbelievable. Fabulously durable poly-cotton, neat topstitching, great drape, robust lining and above all, a flattering silhouette. Flop-proof design features like a V-shaped revere collar, waist defining tie belt, long sleeves and side entry pockets are what make this trench coat instantly attractive on most body types. The style also has a slightly A-line bottom half which gives it a fun retro flavor. Delicious in Spring’s new coral, or in an urban black.

High prices do not guarantee superior quality (especially when it comes to knitted fabrics) and low prices do not automatically imply shoddy quality. So you need to develop a discerning eye and judge the quality of a product for yourself.

Another win for H&M. My quality control bar is high, but this inexpensive trench passes with flying colours.

Mantel Trench - CoralMantel Trench - Black

The links take you to H&M in Europe, but American shoppers will also find this trench in stores.