One way to increase the variety in your business casual wardrobe is to add more skirts and dresses into the mix, especially if dress slacks are your staple. Skirts and dresses REALLY change up your look because the silhouette variety for these items is greater than it is for slacks. Also, wearing skirts and dresses in the colder months allows you to have additional fun with hosiery and boots. Slacks, on the other hand, tend to hide hose, knee-high boots and bootie detailing. What a shame!

For most of my clients, my friends, and YLF forum members, dress slacks or pants are regarded as the easy, practical and comfortable business casual option. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard statements like…

“I don’t look good in skirts and dresses”

“I can’t wear hose because it is uncomfortable”

“My legs don’t look good enough to expose them”

“I can’t wear skirts and dresses because I don’t like high heels”

These are seldom true.

All women look fabulous in the right skirts and dresses. You’ll get used to wearing and liking nice hose. And dressy flats or one inch wedged heels are perfectly acceptable peds for business casual. As far as comfort goes, I’m personally more comfortable in a skirt or dress than dress slacks. In fact, I seldom wear pants for biz casual. If I’m not wearing a suit or cigarette pants, I’m in a skirt or frock.

Help me understand why so many women get into the dress pants rut. Is it about fitting into an environmental norm? Will your peers and superiors take you more seriously when you wear pants? Do you find skirt and dress outfits hard to combine?