Panties (or knickers and undies as I like to call them) are an incredibly personal thing. What works for one person might not work for another. I’ve found that there is absolutely no panty preference consistency with my clients. Everyone is into something different and is usually looking for an improved version of what they currently have. For comfort reasons, style and fabric are of extreme importance, not to mention price, durability and  aesthetics. Some prefer cotton-rich bikini cuts or synthetic high-cuts, while others prefer lacy thongs. Some prefer neutrals whereas others prefer colours. With such an abundance of panty variety, it seems insane that we still struggle to find that perfect pair.

My preference is boyshorts. I love the coverage that this style provides and enjoy their retro flavour. For a while I wore Jockey’s modern modal brief. Then I switched to Soma’s boyshorts which were great until the dryer started stretching them out. I have since discovered Nordstrom underwear brand “Shimera” and I’m hooked. I can’t get enough of their boyshorts.  They are seamless, lightweight and stay put. So far, they launder well too, so I’m stocking up for my happy buns.

What do you look for in panties? Care to share your fab panty finds?

Shimera Seamless BoyshortsShimera Seamless Boyshorts

The price isn’t bad either (you’ll save $2 per pair if you purchase three at a time).