Stacey and Clinton, hosts of the American version of “What Not to Wear“, are adamant when it comes to polyester. They maintain that it’s a big “no no” and that you should rather stick to luscious natural fibers. I beg to differ.

There is a time and a place for polyester. It’s true that polyester is not the best choice if you’re after cool and breathable clothing for scorching summer temperatures (100% cotton and linen items are better choices). However, you can’t go wrong with clothing that’s made of polyester and blended with rayon, wool, viscose or spandex.  It’s the polyester component in a garment that will give it its pristine drape and often crease-free finish. Natural fibers do not possess this incredibly appealing attribute.

You’ll need to be discerning when it comes to polyester. Sometimes clothing that’s made entirely of polyester can look ghastly and feel flammable, but then there are polyesters that look and feel fabulous. Ann Taylor offers impeccably tailored suits and blouses made of 100% polyester every season.

I’m thankful for Polyester. It keeps the price of clothing affordable and the wash care easy.