We might still have a good few months of winter weather ahead us, but we’ve seen the last of this season in store. Spring 2007 is about to explode and I can’t wait to see shops filled with the promised eruption of colour and print. Every season has its share of good and bad trends and this one in particular was rife with watershed changes in fashion. Here are my feelings on the best and worse trends of Autumn/Winter 2006.


  • Longer length tops – Hallelujah! The extra coverage meant that I could say goodbye to drafts up my back and down my bottom. This fundamental shift in fashion made dressing in layers easy, flattering and comfortable.
  • Ruffles and volume – ultra feminine styles like these were welcomed by my girly side.
  • Skinnies – initially my heart sank at the prospect of having to wear what I did 25 years ago. But wearing skinnies tucked into a pair of fabulous boots made me love this trend and I was converted.
  • The resurgence of red – it took 12 years for red to come back as a major fashion colour and I love it. There is a shade of red for everyone.
  • Patent – gloss is great. It always seems to add an extra dimension to your outfit (even when it’s black on black).
  • Flat Riding boots – chic, sophisticated, elegant, comfortable and practical. Who can’t love a trend like that?


  • Black, black, black – I enjoyed this season’s monochromatic palette, but I missed the colour. Trying to find great items that weren’t black was very hard.
  • Mini skirts – very short skirts are only for those of us with beautiful legs. I think that mini-skirts are harder to wear than a pair of skinnies. Skirt lengths are most flattering somewhere at the knee.
  • Skinnies – I loved this trend when tucked into boots; but it also makes my “worst” list because I saw too many women wearing the style in a less flattering way.
  • Black nail polish – it looks evil no matter how beautiful your hands.
  • Platforms – I’m just envious that I can’t walk in them.

How did you feel about the trends this season? I’d love to know what made it to your closet, and what got left dangling on the store rail.

Chanel Black Satin Nail Polish    Steve Madden Trishia Kimchi & Blue Lace Babydoll Dress

Black nail polish, platforms and mini dresses were hot in Autumn/Winter 2006, but never made it to my personal shopping list.