The mini has returned. This comes as no surprise with the revival of 80’s fashion. While making a noticeable statement for Autumn and Winter, Spring 2007 fashion reports show that the trend of the mini is here to stay. Raised hemlines on catwalk collections were all the rage for the season ahead.

  • Who can wear a mini? Those of you blessed with slim and shapely legs.
  • What’s the shortest length you can go? Standing with your hands by your side, your hemline should never be shorter then the tip of your middle finger.

In general, the most flattering skirt and dress length for any body type is at the knee (just above, on, or just below the knee). Visually, you know your own best hem length is at the point at which your legs look their longest and slimmest. If you have superb legs – by all means raise that hemline!

Update the look of the mini this season by adding:

  • Thick black opaque tights (you’ll look like you’re wearing cigarette pants under your dress) 
  • Chunky heels, long boots or the new ankle bootie

Max Studio shows us how to wear mini’s the new way below.