The ankle bootie is the shoe of the season. It’s not quite a shoe and not quite a boot, but somewhere in between. Ankle booties are another throwback to 80’s fashion and worn in the same way that they were then:

  • For everyone – wear them underneath bootcut and flared jeans or pants like a normal pair of boots
  • For the more fashion forward – pair them with skinnies, leggings and cigarette pants
  • For the very daring – dress them up with opaque tights and knee length or mini dresses/skirts

Ankle booties come in a selection of styles. Those that reveal your ankle bone and close neatly around your foot and ankle are most flattering for dresses and skirts. They look best with 3 inch heels and are a good dressy option for autumn and winter.

If you are shoe-crazy and can walk in thin heels – make sure that you have a pair in your wardrobe this season. They’ll give your outfit a completely new look.


Elegant styles from Nine West are on sale for between $70 and $80.