This season marks the beginning of watershed fashion changes. The new play on proportions might take some getting use to, but because “fashion is an adaptation to the eye”, we’ll be wearing them with style in no time at all.

One of the changes to understand is “the new volume”. Stores are full of daringly roomy pieces such as:

  • Swing and trapeze coats
  • Kimono, bell and poet’s sleeves
  • Empire waisted dresses and smock tops
  • Bell and bubble skirts
  • Cocoon pullovers
  • Extra widely cut menswear pants and cropped pants  

While we might not all be able to wear each form of this season’s new volume – there will be ideal options to balance each body type. Height will be another factor to consider. Stay tuned on how to update existing items in your wardrobe with the correct voluminous pieces for you and your personal style.


 Voluminous pieces like these typify the new season. Above: a cropped peplum jacket from Arden B and taffeta bell shaped skirt from Banana Republic. Below: a kimono sleeved empire dress and bell sleeved cocoon sweater from Nordstrom.