Despite your height, weight and body type, the size of your calf is what it is. If you carry a little bit of extra weight around your calves, don’t feel obliged to cover them up all the time. It’s easy to slim down an exposed calf when you know what to do.


  • Tapered pants, which cling to your calves in an unflattering way.
  • Ankle length pants and capri pants, which will make your legs look shorter.
  • Clingy three quarter length skirts and dresses, which emphasize the width of your leg above the foot.
  • Calf length boots and ankle boots, which tend to make even the daintiest of calves look large.

Stick to:

  • Knee-length walk shorts, which raise the hemline and expose the smallest part of your leg, automatically slimming down your calf.
  • Knee length a-line skirts and dresses, which also expose the slimmest part of your leg and add volume away from the calf, which will make it appear smaller.
  • Heeled knee length boots that are tight around the ankle, which add shape and a bit of height to the ankle, cover up the calf and expose the knee, creating a taller and leaner look.

Wide legged pants and pointy toed shoes are not your only option when you have a thicker calf. Be girly and raise that hemline with style. There will be plenty of opportunities to cover up when the weather gets colder.

Do: pull-on, knee-length boots.

Don’t: slouchy, calf-length boots.