This was our last day in New York City. I had originally planned to wear the top part of this outfit with a skirt, hose and pair of booties, but the rain ruined that idea. So I opted for my casual Seattle uniform of skinnies tucked into flat weatherproof boots. 

I didn’t think I would be as into pattern mixing as I am these days. But despite my minimal style tendencies I’m having fun with the trend because it extends my outfit possibilities. So I matched a neutral, un-tucked animal print blouse with an orange and camel argyle pullover, buttoning up the blouse and popping the collar. 

My red coat went back on and I added a Burberry scarf for extra warmth. I chose the black bag for outfit cohesion because it matched my shoes and gloves. I also changed my specs and carried a red polka dot umbrella. Too bright for some, but just right for me on a miserable grey and wet day. 

We just arrived back home, soon to be reunited with our Yorkie, Rosie. I have many more shows to watch online before I pull together my final trend predictions for Fall 2012. In the meantime, its back to talking about Spring and Summer style on Monday.

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