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Welcome to the YLF Book Club! We post the schedule of upcoming titles on this page. We also have a category of the YLF forum dedicated to book club discussions, and each time a title goes live we'll start a conversation over there with some initial thoughts to get things going. There are, of course, many different aspects to every book and movie, so please feel free to start your own discussions on specific topics about the active title.

Inge runs YLF Books and also coordinates the book club. If you have any questions about the book club then please get in touch with her using the YLF private messaging feature. If you can't use private messaging, then feel free to use the contact form.

Active Now

The Truth About Style

In her second book, part memoir, part style guide, Stacy London shares her own struggles with severe psoriasis, anorexia, binge eating and self-esteem issues, and her philosophy of the healing power of style. Finding the self-confidence to develop a strong personal style helped her to finally [...]

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