“The key to looking stylish is confidence and older people have had time to develop not only a personal sense of style, but a comfort in who they are.” That’s the firm belief of author and blogger Ari Seth Cohen. He started his street style blog Advanced Style to pay tribute to a large, often overlooked, age group: stylish ladies and gentleman over 60. “To show that beauty, style, and creativity don’t disappear at a certain age”. His views are very much in line with Angie’s philosophy that style is universal. It’s not a dress size, a height measurement, or a certain age

This is something I personally feel very strongly about too. In today’s youth-driven world the older generation sometimes runs the risk of being ignored, becoming invisible even. So it’s always a delight to read a different perspective, and to see strong, independent, well-dressed women of all ages featured in the media and on the internet.

Mr. Cohen mixes interviews and videos full of snippets of wisdom with outfit photography. From designer ensembles to thrift store finds, from simple elegance to movie star glamour, from eccentric over punk to avant-garde… his real-life models celebrate individual style with confidence and joie de vivre. 

Now, his first book, also named Advanced Style, combines the best of the blog “with all-new material featuring wardrobes, interviews, stories, and advice from a cadre of his most chic subjects”.

Are you, like the Advanced Style ladies, looking forward to many more years of having fun with fashion? How do you see your own style evolving? Do you feel you are growing more confident and daring in your style choices as you get older?

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