We don’t normally post on Sundays, but I’m just too thrilled about this project to wait until tomorrow. It gives us GREAT pleasure to announce the making of “Ladies of YLF, The Calendar”. It’s been my dream to start my own modeling agency — one that celebrates the diversity of women across body type, age and ethnicity. Of course, finding the resources to follow through on this dream is easier said than done. So we came up with the more manageable stepping stone of a calendar, and I’m so very excited. 

We want our calendar to scream YLF mantras like “style is beyond size”, that “there is no one way to be stylish”, and that “style is an expression of individuality”. We also want to celebrate the human body because it is a miraculous art form. Its fascinating curves, colours and textures combine to create a beautiful whole. Although this won’t be a calendar prerequisite, we will encourage at least partial nudity. By all means celebrate your confidence level and your body. All photography will be tasteful, artistic and in line with YLF’s high quality standards.

We are planning a calendar where there is a different YLF lady for each week in the year, so we will be needing lots of models. In the near future we will be asking those who are interested to submit photos. 

Please do not send us your pictures yet. We will have a more formal launch of the competition later in April. Greg will also be posting some guidelines and suggestions for taking good “glamour” shots, including things like which digital SLRs are best for this sort of photography, and how to use a prime lens to get a nice depth of field effect that blurs the interesting bits.

And just to pique your interest, we have already done the photography and design for one page in the calendar, with a very special lady of YLF as our model. She was happy to pose “au natural”. Love that. 

Take a peak by clicking this link. WARNING: This image may not be suitable for children or your work environment.