I often mention my small handful of clients who are over the age of 70 because they are so very, very inspiring.

They have a strong, quiet confidence and grace that comes with age. They are poised and beautiful. They have positive body image. They are well groomed. They have killer haircuts. They wear spunky specs and accessories. They wear the very best under garments. They wear quality clothing. They fearlessly pull off trendy pieces with sass and sophistication. They wear colour. They take an interest in New York Fashion Week. They are proud about the way they present themselves to the world. They evolve their style each season. And most importantly, they have the utmost fun during the process. We laugh and laugh when we work together. It’s pure energy for my style soul.

These clients wear their ensembles with an air of panache that is all their own. They pair somewhat eclectic pieces with a solid classic edge. Straight leg jeans with ballet flats, skinnies tucked into flat riding boots, boyfriend blazers over frocks, sparkly dresses with animal print shoes, Fryes, leggings, cropped leather jackets, slouchy trousers, clamdiggers, statement belts and cuffs, sheaths and edgy waistcoats. It’s all so glorious I can barely stand it.

I was recently out shopping with a younger client when we bumped into one of my¬†ravishing¬†70 year old clients. I asked her what she was doing down town, to which she said: “I want to find a midi skirt like the ones you recently talked about on your blog, and try on a pair of nude heels. I also want to try on that denim jacket at Club Monaco because I need a new one!”. I hugged her right there and then.

Don’t EVER think that you are too old to have fun with fashion. If anything, my clients have more fun with fashion and style at 70-plus than they ever have before.

To my clients, know that it is a pleasure and privilege to work with you. You rock my style world in every way. You impress me no end and I want to be like you when I grow up.