Often the popularity of one fashion silhouette leads to the popularity of another. For example, for years, stylish Autumn and Winter fashion has been about wearing fabulous boots in all sorts of lengths, heel heights, styles and colours. This led to the legging jean (or leans) becoming a hit too. This in turn paved the way to a greater leggings assortment and the resurgence of leggings in general. Although I stick to black leggings, these days patterned leggings, velvet leggings, lace leggings and corduroy leggings are also common.

One trend can also support the longevity of another. Tapered cropped silhouettes, slouchy trouser silhouettes, AND wide legged pant silhouettes are currently ensuring the longevity of platformed heels. High vamped booties continue to work hand in hand with short skirt and dress hemlines. Soft voluminous blouses are a great match for pencil skirts, baggy short shorts and skinnies. I also think that voluminous blouses have rejuvenated belt sales! Sleeveless dresses create demand for cardigans and shrugs. Sheer blouses and tops make camisoles more popular than ever. High necklines make long pendant necklaces an easy sell.

So the trends we see in different wardrobe items are all intertwined. And as silhouettes change over time, chances are high that their so called “support acts” will change along with them. And now I wonder what impact the upcoming midi length skirt and dress will have on footwear trends?