A glitzy, four-story Forever 21 recently opened in downtown Seattle. It’s kitty corner to the Nordstrom Flagship on 6th Avenue — prime position right in the heart of town. I’ve browsed through the entire store a few times now in an effort to get a better handle on their merchandise.

I’ve been to many Forever 21 stores, none of which were quite as big as this one. At the moment all four floors are full of printed merchandise and the eye cannot rest. It’s bold pattern after bold pattern, after bold pattern. There are very few floor breaks with mannequin and accessory displays, or even just solid colours.

I can navigate through the largest Macy’s in NYC with confidence and patience, but I am overwhelmed at this Forever 21 store. I’m not sure whether it’s bad visual display design, an overstock in printed items, or that I’m not their target customer.

Are you overwhelmed when you shop in a large Forever 21 store? Do you find that there’s an overdose of bold printed garments in your local Forever 21 store at the moment?