I remember having a pair of levis denim dungarees in the early ’90s. I wore them with a very tight cropped top, rolled up the hems and finished off the look with Docs or flat espadrilles on my feet. I thought it was a cute look back when I was in my early 20’s. A nice juxtaposition of tomboy style meets girly glam.

I still think that it’s a sweet look for very, very young gals and like the outfits below. Casual heels have been added to the look this time round, which I quite like too. To my eye, there has to be an alluring edge to the denim overall outfit in order for it to work. So that means fitted layering tops that show skin, and tapered hem widths. In fact, the long hair of the models adds an effective extra feminine dimension.

This trend is very fringe and I do hope it stays that way. I would NOT like to see denim overalls go mainstream across age groups. I vote nay for myself, but if worn with an alluring edge, I vote yay for young gals. What’s your verdict?

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