Colour blocking is on trend, and if my hunch is correct we’ll be seeing even more colour blocking next year. We’re talking colour blocking on all the items in your wardrobe — clothing, accessories and footwear. 

Colour blocked footwear comes in colours, neutrals, or a mixture of both. The more colourful examples are cheerful and eye catching, but not that easy to match up in outfits. If you need help, my guidelines on how to wear bright shoes are a good starting point. The same guidelines apply to mid-tone and pastel toned shoes. Pick up a colour in a top, bottom or dress that matches one or more of the colours in the shoes. Match up bright shoes with the same colour handbag or belt. Match them up with a neutral outfit. Or, match bright shoes with a scarf or necklace that picks up the same colours. 

Neutral colour blocked footwear is easier because it can be treated in very much the same way as a solid neutral. A completely neutral outfit is one easy option. But you can also go wild matching them up in outfits that combine neutrals AND colours.   

I have a few pairs of colour blocked ballet flats and pumps in neutrals, and frequently wear them in the warmer months.  I like how they provide a little more pop than a solid neutral shoe. I will also welcome bright colourblocked shoes into my wardrobe because they look festive on your feet. I vote yay for colour blocked shoes. 

What’s your verdict? Would you wear colour blocked footwear? If so, will you wear colours or neutrals? Or would you prefer to stick to solid colours because the whole concept’s too complicated?