We’re currently in the middle of our third online Book Club meeting, discussing 100 Ideas that Changed Fashion. The Queen, the fourth and final title on our first reading list, is coming up in just a fortnight. Time to select new titles so we can keep on chatting.

YLF Book Club is all about the books and movies you want to talk about, so your input is key here. We’ve already received several interesting suggestions from forum members, these are now on our long list of possible titles. Of course, we’d love to hear what you think as well. Is there a fashion documentary that intrigues you? A style-related movie you feel everyone should know about? Have you come across a compelling book that you’d really like to nominate for discussion? Tell us about it in the comments section before midnight on Wednesday 7 March and we might be talking about it on YLF very soon.

What happens next?

  • 9 March: We publish the Book Club long list with your suggestions on the blog and in the forum.
  • 9 – 14 March: Voting time. Everyone on YLF can pick their 3 favourites, the titles that get the most votes are our winners.
  • 16 March: We announce the 3 winners and will have the updated calendar ready for you.

New in YLF Books

Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, the creators of online style magazine WhoWhatWear.com, believe that “life is stressful, your outfit shouldn’t be”. In their second book, What to Wear, Where – The How-To Handbook for Any Style Situation, they come to the rescue with practical style guidelines for 50 social occasions. From art gallery, via courtroom, to day and evening weddings, this hands-on style guide wants to help you create ensembles that are appropriate for the event and that feel true to your style.

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