Pattern mixed outfits are more “maximal” and busy than outfits that mix solids or subtle textures. There’s a lot more going on, which makes it a hard look to sport if you have a minimal sense of style. 

I have noticed that when I am helping my clients to create pattern mixed outfits, we often deliberately leave off accessories and jewelry pieces. While they would have normally worn a necklace, earrings, belt, pin or scarf with the outfit in solid and textured combinations, the patterned incarnation of the outfit doesn’t need the extra bells and whistles.  

Although this is by no means a rule, sporting fewer accessories and jewelry pieces, or even none at all, might help you break through the pattern mixing barrier if you have reservations. 

Aside from my wedding ring, I sport a jewelry-free look most of the time. I include accessories when they are part of the pattern mixing action, like an animal print belt, polka dot hose, patterned handbag or plaid scarf. But when I’m pattern mixing two tops, or a top and bottom, I’ll carry a handbag, but all jewelry and accessories stay off.