This series is brought to you by Levi’s® Curve ID. Find your custom fit at Levi’s®  stores or Levi.com.

Levi’s® asked me to build three outfits around their new Curve ID line. So today I’m going to dress up jeans for a gals night out, an evening with friends, or a date night with your sweetie. 

These types of evening dates are often more casual than dressy, which makes dressing up a great pair of jeans an easy outfit option. The components of the outfit formula are as follows:

Favourite Jeans + Musical Top + Light Dressy Shoes + Clutch

A “musical top” is one that “sings a sweet tune”, which means a top combination that’s a little more special than what you usually pair with jeans. Perhaps it’s dressier, a little sheer and alluring, more colourful, or more bold in it’s styling. 

Start with Your Favourite Jeans

Choose any silhouette, from wide leg to tapered legs. Choose any wash or colour, from dark and sleek to faded options, white, black, grey or a colour. I’ve chosen the Modern Slight Curve Straight Jeans from Levi.com in a regular stone wash because straight leg jeans are versatile, as is blue denim. The lighter wash also won’t rub off onto your hands, clothes and shoes. I haven’t seen the fit of these jeans in person, but the reviews are promising.


Add the Music on Top

There are many ways to dress up jeans, but for starters here are five cardigan-free suggestions to get you on your way. 

Chic Blouse: Choose a dressy soft blouse, either boxy or tailored, patterned or solid, neutral or in a colour. Pop a camisole underneath if the blouse is sheer. I’ve chosen one with lace for extra textural interest. I like these types of blouses untucked, but feel free to tuck or half tuck, and add a belt. 

Fun Tunic: Here’s an opportunity to add a bohemian edge to your outfit with an empire cut tunic in a drapey fabrication. There were quite a few high necked and straight cut patterned tunics worn over slim fit trousers in Dries Van Noten’s recent 2012 Fall collection, so be ahead of the fashion curve and sport a vibrant tunic over jeans.

Cheerful Blazer: Give cardigans a rest and opt for a blazer. Wearing one in a bright is on trend, as is layering it over another bright, thereby achieving a colour blocked effect. 

Edgy Shirt, Tie and Jacket: This option is menswear inspired. Mid tones, pastels and shades of blush and taupe are as popular as brights, so instead of trying this combination in black, grey and white, try it in less expected softer colours. I’ve matched a taupe blazer with a very light pink blouse and paisley tie. Tie the tie school boy style, or drape it loosely tied against your skin on the inside of an open shirt collar.

Not So Preppy Blouse and Vest: It’s a season of intense pattern mixing and there is no stopping the trend. Stripes and polka dots in a similar colour palette are a happy marriage, so match them up for a different take on the preppy shirt and vest combination. Use a dressy blouse instead of a button down shirt.


Dressy Light Shoes

Light footwear in tan, cream, beige and metallic works extremely well with Spring’s brights, mid tones and pastel colour palette, and adds freshness to an outfit. Choose pumps, dressy ballet flats, mary janes, wedges, peep-toes, sandals or booties. The booties pictured below are casual, but their light colour gives them a dressier integrity.

Finish off with a Clutch 

Evening clutches in a colour blocked black and white, or neutrally toned snake skin work with just about any denim-rich outfit. Metallic clutches are another versatile option. Clutch handbags are not as impractical as they seem if you choose a style that allows for a free hand or two.  

Do It Yourself

As with all the outfit formulas, I sew the seeds of an idea. Make it your own by substituting these items with ones that are more to your taste, and in line with your colour preferences and style persona. Add arm candy with an army of bracelets. Throw in a scarf. Add a cocktail ring or two. Wear dangly earrings, a pin or necklace. Or sport a jewelry-free style, allowing your bag, wristwatch and eyewear to do the talking. Dress up your favourite pair of jeans in a way that reflects YOUR style and your evening out will be off to a superb start.