It’s just Greg, Rosie and me at the Holiday Cox Castle. My Papa is in London celebrating with my brother’s family, and Jasmine is very sadly no longer with us. Both were here for Christmas last year when festivities were in full swing. Despite the quieter atmosphere, we’re spreading good cheer because Christmas is magical when you’re at home with your loved ones. 

You can’t go wrong embellishing a topper capsule when you live in cold and wet Seattle. Jackets and coats are always money well spent, especially when you feel the cold like I do. Although I have plenty of coats, there was room for one more. I’ve been looking for the right classic peacoat for ages, and actually had my mind set on one in ink blue with bright gold buttons. But when I fitted on J.Crew’s Majesty peacoat in warm lemon, my heart skipped a beat and the idea of ink blue went flying out the window.

I see a pattern in my style and wardrobe choices. A lot of the time, I enjoy wearing classic items in unexpected colours. It’s the colour, not the style, that gives these particular pieces their edge. Of course, some classic pieces look so very perfect in conventional colours, like a fitted black blazer and turtle neck or crisp white button down shirt. And I enjoy wearing those items just as much. 

Although I bat for Team Red, I’m wearing yellow, black and blue for this year’s Christmas post. It’s the exact outfit that I wore when shopping with a client earlier this week amidst the hectic holiday hustle and bustle. Black turtleneck, dark skinny jeans and flat over-the-knee boots are my cold weather wardrobe staples, while the yellow topper adds a much needed cheerful accent on a dull, grey day. I’m also wearing my extra wide cats-eye specs, which is as close as I get to “geek chic” eyewear. 

Yorkshire Terrier Rosie’s red and white sweater is perfectly cozy for a cool stroll along Alki’s Beach Drive, which is where these photos were taken. Rosie wore her yellow harness to match my new coat. Her blonde bare legs are plenty warm, and her little grey foot pads are wardrobe workhorses. Such a naturally beautiful little lady is effortlessly stylish no matter what she wears. 

Greg bats for Team Black, Charcoal and Dark Blue without many exceptions. He does look stunning in a cherry red, but clearly I have more influence over Rosie’s colour choices than I do over his. As much as I like to see Greg in colour, I adore his dark, urban, no-nonsense style. He loves to wear his Winter uniform of tapered jeans, turtle neck, Dr. Marten boots, scarf and leather jacket. Rosie and I figured that we wear enough colour to make up for Greg’s almost entirely black wardrobe. Furthermore, Greg’s bright blue eyes are one killer accessory that I wish I could have too! 

We at YLF wish you a very festive yet peaceful Holiday weekend. We hope that your hearts are filled with much love and laughter. A good dose of cake and cookies won’t hurt either.