You are on Team Present if you prefer to receive a real present. It still counts if your hints nudged the giver in the right direction. You are on Team Gift Card if you prefer to receive gift cards. It takes a little longer before you enjoy the benefits of this gift, AND you have to go to the effort of choosing your own gift after receiving the card. But you can spend the money as you please. 

I used to be 100% on Team Present. I didn’t enjoy receiving money or gift cards quite as much, because the thrill of opening a present and being able to enjoy it immediately could not be beat. I also appreciated the thoughtfulness of the person who went to the trouble of selecting the gift.

But over the years I have changed my mind about wardrobe gift cards and these days I love receiving them too. I always have a wish list and it’s wonderful to receive an unexpected budget for it. In some ways gift cards are more considerate. I personally have a hard time returning gifts when they are not my cup of tea, which makes the gift card a much more practical solution.

These polls do not usually allow you to bat for both Teams because the point is that you think a little deeper about your style preference and pick a side. But with gift giving Christmas around the corner, batting for both teams is allowed. And I am so batting for both Teams on this one. 

Over to you. Are you Team Present or Team Gift Card? Remember to tell us why you picked that side if you’re not batting for both teams.