It’s Christmas Eve and in the Cox Castle the festivities are in full swing. This year my precious Papa flew in from the Netherlands to spend the Holidays with us. Papa doesn’t visit Seattle that often, so it’s extra special when he’s here. To mark the occasion we all went to Alki Beach (a 15 minute drive from downtown Seattle) to walk the girls and take family pictures.

To brighten up a very grey Seattle day, I went to town with red in this ensemble. I matched wardrobe staple, Gap legging jeans with a red animal print cowl neck pullover and black patent belt. I layered over that a short red double breasted coat and finished off the look with a dramatic pair of white, 20 eyelet Dr. Marten boots. I must have been subconsciously inspired by a candy cane when pulling together this outfit. Oh well! I felt fab even though I don’t like candy canes.

Big surprise: Yorkies Rosie and Jasmine are also on Team Red. They wore red T-shirts and collars underneath their red jumpers. They finished off their look with yellow harnesses and brand new black and silver leads. Such well behaved, polished little princesses.

My Dad does actually wear red, but opted for earth tones and blue that day. He wore easy fit jeans  and a chunky brown sweater over a checked shirt. He topped off with a cinnamon coloured suede coat, plaid cashmere scarf and an ink blue hat. Pretty spiff for an almost 80 year old, don’t you think?

Hubby Greg bats for Team Black. He wore distressed brown skinny jeans with a black sweater and denim jacket. He threw over his big black coat and slipped into short black Dr. Marten boots. Even though Greg does not wear red, I can’t complain. He always looks fabulous and I adore his urban style.

Team Red and Team Black will spend most of today in the kitchen prepping festive food for the Holiday weekend. Can’t wait! We at YLF wish our family, friends and readership a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

This below is a photo of Jasmine, also known as Big Ears. She’s had a hard time recently with congestive heart failure, but is having some good days now and we’re grateful that she is here to enjoy Christmas Eve.