The faux fur vest is one of my favourite transitional pieces this season because it changes up the vibe of existing wardrobe items. So much of my old stuff suddenly feels new when I add my faux fur vest to my ensemble. It has proven to be versatile and warm enough to wear right now, before we move onto heavier jackets, trenches and wool coat ensembles for winter. 

Here are five easy ways to incorporate a faux fur vest into an outfit: 

  1. Over a tee or knitted top: Wear jeans, casual trousers, or a casual skirt on the bottom, add in appropriate footwear, and you’re done. It’s that simple. Remember how well client and friend Phoebe wore this look a few months ago (picture #1).
  2. Over a blouse or shirt: This is how to dress up the look, and the way I wear my faux vest the most frequently. Simple soft silky blouses, both solid and patterned are no brainers, like the combination I wore on my last day of Fashion Week. I prefer solid button down shirts or denim shirts under faux vests, but there are no rules. Here, either keep the look smart casual with jeans, or substitute dressier skirts and trousers (picture #2).
  3. Over a sweater: A slim-fitting turtle neck, crew, or scoop neck pullover is an easy and warmer under layer option. For the bottom, think casual jeans and skirts, or dressier trousers and skirts (picture #3). 
  4. Over a dress: This is my favourite way to my sport a faux fur vest, which you saw at Fashion Week. I like to wear it over slim fitting dresses more than fit-and-flare frock styles because the modern yet retro integrity is more my style. But I love faux fur vests over flared ’70s inspired dresses and hope that you give the look a bash (picture #4). 
  5. Over a jacket: It sounds weird but the combination works well with a cropped fur vest and denim jacket, and layering the vest over the jacket. A cropped fur vest also looks quite sweet over on longer blazer, but you’ve got to bat for Team Maximal for that one.

Some of my clients like to belt longer fur vests, which effectively streamlines the silhouette. Instead, I chose to keep mine cropped and tailored so that it won’t overwhelm my frame or outfit.

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