Sunny days, fiery foliage, crisp air, hearty soups, boots, jackets, scarves, not to mention the very best merchandise in retail stores. Autumn in Seattle is particularly gorgeous and it’s my favourite time of year. 

Our outfits change as the weather cools and that in itself provides the opportunity to refresh your style. Most of my clients like to add what I call “bridging pieces” to their Fall wardrobes. These are items that bridge the gap between two seasons. By adding Autumn bridging pieces to Spring and Summery outfits, you’ll stretch them further, thereby ensuring a bigger bang for your fashion buck. 

Below is a list of my top 10 Bridging Pieces for this Fall, cutting across all age groups, body types, lifestyles and budgets.

Faux Fur Vest

Don’t just think of this item as a casual bohemian piece that you pop over a tee or empire cut top. Think of it as a glam and retro ’70s item that works over dressy frocks and skirts, and with silky pussy bow blouses or soft drapey trousers (tapered and flare leg).  

Tweed Waistcoat  

Another ’70s and equestrian inspired item that looks really cool when paired with modern pieces like wedge heels and slouchy tapered trousers. I also like tweed waistcoats over graphic tees and soft blouses with graphic patterns. If you can’t see past the English countryside integrity of the tweed, go for leather/pleather, shearling, or classic pinstripe waistcoats instead.


A cropped or longer tailored blazer is a powerful wardrobe essential. It takes an outfit from drab to fab on all body types like nobody’s business. If classic blazers are not your thing, think quirky pinstriped fabrications, sharp shoulders,  asymmetrical cuts, and tuxedo styles. There is lots to love in the world of blazers, the perfect Autumn cover-up for a sleeveless top. 

Leather Jacket

We have spoken about leather jackets for several seasons, both as a casual item and workplace look. No need to wear moto styling or black leather if that’s not your cup of tea. There are plenty of softer versions available both in real and faux leather. Leather blazers are making a comeback, as are long leather coats. Deliciously retro. 


Autumn is perfect for capes because hopefully, it’s not quite cold enough for a wool Winter coat. Refresh your memory on eliminating cape fear

Ankle Length Leggings

I am a huge leggings fan because they add a modern edge to outfits, not to mention a warm and comfortable one too. I like the look best when you can see the ankle hem of the leggings with pumps, ballet flats or sandals. You lose the charm of leggings if you cover them up with boots, unless that is precisely your intention!  

Knee-High Boots

Another wardrobe essential that grounds your outfit with drama and vertical integrity. Match knee-high boots on bare legs with dresses, skirts, short shorts, tweed shorts, bermudas and clamdiggers. Think knee-high boots that are both slouchy and sleek, casual and dressy, flat and heeled, neutral and non-neurtal, light and dark. 


Create a modern classic look by wearing them under bootcut trousers and jeans. Pair them with skinnies and straight legs for a fashion forward vibe. Sport them on bare legs with cropped trousers/jeans, harem pants, skirts and dresses for an edgier look. The bootie knows no bounds.  


Messy or neat, the scarf is a superb accessory that screams Autumn both in woolly and silky fabrications. Wear it inside or outside a shirt collar, over a sheath dress or tee, or with a jacket. Its a super colour vehicle.  


Think tweedy newsboy caps, felt bowlers and floppy hats, berets and retro cloches. Please consider wearing a hat if you have bobbed or long hair. It looks divine and so few people wear wonderful hats these days. 

Neutral, Non-Black Handbag

If you’re up for the change from bright Summer handbags, sport a brown, chestnut, taupe, cream, grey or animal print bag for Autumn. They create an especially attractive contrast against dark outfits and tops. 

I deliberately left cardigans off this list because fashion retail has just about killed the item by saturating the market with it. However, I must give credit where it’s due: cardigans are still stylish and undoubtedly make an effective and comfortable Autumn bridging piece. 

Flick through Ann Taylor Loft’s “Style Closet” to get good visuals of these bridging prices in outfit action.