You are on Team Black if you prefer to wear black. You are on Team White if you prefer to wear White. Note that white includes all shades of white like bone, off-white, ivory and cream. You can still pick a side if you don’t wear either black or shades of white by choosing the option that most tickles your fancy. But no batting for both Teams. 

I cannot choose a side in this poll. My black tops are as important as my white tops. My cream outwear gets as much wear as my black outerwear. My cream, white and black boots are all wardrobe workhorses. My style would not function without cream pearls and handbags, nor would it function without cropped black jackets. I am a true black & white gal, favouring one no more than the other. 

So I’m out of this game. But I’m on the sidelines cheering on both sides with great enthusiasm. Over to you. Are you Team Black or Team White? Remember to tell us why.