Dresslover wants to draw your attention to the Pantone Fashion Colour Report for Spring 2012. Click on the colour swatches for inspiration and ideas on wearing each color. Guess which colour is tops for Spring. 

Petite Lisa is really enjoying the style of Cori from la vie petite, an almost 4ft 11 lass who is a Mum of three. I love how she works those ballet flats. 

Carole enjoyed these tips on how to wear colour prints

MaryK, who bats for Team Maximal, likes the way Sal tied two scarves in this outfit

Maria’s insider information on Colour Trend Forecasting caught the eye of Laurinda, who also likes the way Maria spells “Colour”. Obviously, I do too! 

Celia finds this outfit from Street Style Aesthetic super sweet because of the lovely colour and unexpected mix of sandals. 

Nicoleb recommends watching this video by Chriselle Lim because of the beautiful wardrobe pieces that she wears in the shots.  

Inge learned about a blog called Sentimental Value through an interview with Emily Spivack. The blog searches eBay for clothing and accessories with an interesting story. 

RoseandJoan, who is a very visually orientated person, was surprised how much she enjoyed Natalie Joos’s writing style at Tales of Endearment.

Goldenpig found Redbook’s article on wardrobe remixing very helpful when thinking about how to revamp a new wardrobe on a budget.

Joy learned how fashion buyers are inspired by runway looks, only to revamp them to create an “exclusive” item for their retailer and target market. This really takes me back to my buying days. 

Anna had heard of luxury brands doing the majority of construction in China and doing finishing work in Europe, then stamping the items “Made in Europe”. But she didn’t know about Prada “Made in India”

Charmian, who is in the beginning stages of her style journey, was reminded that she doesn’t have to own beautiful pieces to be inspired by them.

Tall Kyle recommends Tall Swag, a blog for tall girls. 

Puffenstuff loves Chasing Cait’s post on gradually introducing colour blocking into your wardrobe.

Refugee believes that this coffee stained designer T-shirt created for Starbucks is a giant failure.