I look a little tired in these photos because they were taken right after I’d spent the better half of nine hours working with my client in the San Juan Islands a few days ago. I posed right outside her house, with its beautiful backdrop of golf course greens, blue skies and pretty Spring foliage.

This may come as a surprise but I am very active when I help a client review their closet. It’s not a relaxing process where I sit on a chair, point with my finger and say: “yes, no, maybe”. I get stuck into hauling out clothes, footwear and accessories, reviewing them, creating outfits, taking pictures, making notes, rearranging clothes, folding knitwear, sorting jewelry, measuring inseams and dragging rubbish bags. I also constantly adjust the fit of items as my clients try them on, making suggestions and explaining fit challenges and wardrobe strategies as we go along. It’s an intense and tiring process, which is why my client was ready for a glass of wine and a relaxing bath after our session was complete!

I need comfortable clothes while I work for hours on end. In this case I was also traveling, so fairly crease-resistant clothes were a must. I wore a comfortable lined and knitted paint splotch patterned pencil shirt with a tucked-in Brooks Brothers non-iron button down shirt. Because it’s still cold in this neck of the woods, I covered up with an off-white leather jacket and stirrup leggings. My low heeled biker booties are 8-hour walking shoes, which make them a no brainer for a day of standing, sorting, traipsing and fiddling. My lime green bag makes the outfit feel more like Spring. I kept all the metals silver and the specs black. On closet review days, I keep my jewelry refined and simple so that it doesn’t dangle and get in the way.

I’m my own boss and I work in a creative environment, so I have the luxury of adding non-conventional touches to my outfits — like stirrup leggings. I much prefer them to normal opaque tights because the skin exposure on the ankle breaks up the severity of black on my legs and feet. Plus, I find the look interesting. It’s an acquired taste for sure and I do understand if it’s not your cup of tea.

I spent most of the day jacket off and scrunched sleeves, ready for lots of closet and outfit creation action. My client was a pleasure to work with and we had a very productive day.

Greg and Rosie joined me on this trip. It warmed my heart to see them straight after a hard days work away from home. Rosie, having travelled the world with us, is quite the veteran traveler. She was most delighted by her unexpected little Island experience.

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