Obviously, we all pay attention to how jeans look from the front. But how important is the fit and the position of pockets from the back? You are on Team Back if you pay as much attention to the back of the fit of jeans as you do to the front. You are on Team Front if you pay more attention to how jeans fit from the front.

I’ve noticed that many online retailers showcase their jeans from the back, which leads me to believe that some customers pay special attention to how they fit at the back. And more specifically, that back pocket size and positioning has become very important.

The back of my jeans need to fit, no question. I’ll have the waistband adjusted if necessary, and I like the look of a fairly snug denim derriere (apart from my baggy flared jeans, which fit more loosely all over). But I pay very little attention to back pocket size and positioning because I’m not that fussed about whether my bottom looks perkier in one style versus another. You might be surprised to hear that to my eye, it really doesn’t make that much difference how flat back denim pockets are sized and positioned. The front fit of jeans however, is crucially important to me, more so than the back. This puts me on Team Front.

Over to you. Are you on Team Front or Team Back? Tell us why and no batting for both Teams.