Are you fussy about the way your toes look in sandals? I am. I have regular width bony feet with really, really long toes. Like fingers on my feet, as Greg likes to describe them. To my eye this makes sandal shopping even trickier.

When the toe box, or the top strap of a sandal starts further up the vamp of the shoe, the style exposes more of the toes. Some sandals expose virtually the entire length of your toes. When you have dainty feet like I do, it’s hard to “fill out” a sandal (especially a chunky style), and my foot slips out through the front of the toe box exposing even more of my toes.

And if most of my toes are exposed, it makes me feel like a cavewomen. Clumsy somehow, and not at all elegant or ladylike.

If finding comfortable sandals for my fussy feet wasn’t hard enough already, now I also have toe exposure to worry about. The top straps and vamps must be positioned closer to the top tip of the sandal so that my toes look shorter, and so that my feet don’t slip out of the front of the shoe. It’s no wonder that I have only one pair of sandals at the moment!

Something I learned shopping for sandals with many different clients: toe exposure is not a concern when you have shorter toes. Sandals that look killer with shorter toes and a slightly broader foot look terrible on me.

Lets hear it ladies. Do you pay attention to how your toes look in sandals, or is it not a concern. Fellow long toed gals, does my minimal toe exposure idiosyncrasy resonate with you?