Seattle-ites welcomed a stunning sunny weekend after months of soggy Spring. These photos were taken in the more residential part of Capitol Hill, a few blocks walking distance from where we live. Although it was sunny on Saturday, it wasn’t hot so I’m still layered. But I braved my closed-toe slingbacks sans hose, which means it’s definitely warming up around here.

If you don’t like brights or high colour contrasts, I apologize for my loud and bold outfit this Monday morning. Think of it as colourful caffeine to kick start your day. It’s no secret that I adore tomato red and citron, and wearing them together in clashing form makes me happy. I’ve made these colours seem even brighter by pairing them with white, because that makes me even happier! Colour blocking bright colours for Spring and Summer is especially on-trend this year. But honestly it’s something I have been doing since the 80’s so to me it doesn’t feel all that new.

I frequently wear white or cream bottoms and it only recently occurred to me that they bookend quite well with my hair. This might be one of the reasons I like them so much. Perhaps that’s why I don’t wear black opaque tights or black trousers.

Most of these items are golden oldies. The jacket is a three year old purchase from Barcelona. It’s 100% cotton which makes it perfect for mild Spring weather. Most of the time, I like to wear it belted, but unzipped, so that more of the underneath layer peeks through. The colour launches me into orbit so I am never giving it up.

My straight leg white jeans are 5 years old. My lazer cut silver wedges are the same age and are showing considerable wear on the wedge portion. This doesn’t bother me too much, because they are extremely comfortable and very versatile. Self-fabric dressy wedges with a stable two inch heel and 8-hour walking comfort are hard to find. I shall wear them until they literally fall apart.

To me, this is an accessory-free outfit. Although my sunglasses, handbag and watch are theoretically accessories, they serve a practical and necessary purpose, which is beyond the decorative in my book (although they do add to the outfit here). I am really enjoying wearing fewer accessories because in some strange way – it makes the outfit stronger.

The citron sweater is new and I can’t believe that I scored it in my sizeĀ on mega sale at Anne Taylor a few weeks ago. It’s perfect for a Seattle Spring because it’s warm, but not Winter-y. I’m all matchy-matchy with the citron bag because that was the choice Greg preferred when I ran a few options by him for this outfit. Good thing I live with my fashion stylist.