There are many, many reasons to bypass a fashion trend. Often, you just don’t like it. It’s too young, too frumpy, too fussy, too dressy, too expensive, too bold, too ugly, too edgy, too dramatic, too frilly, too revealing, too girly, too hard to launder… the list goes on. Sometimes you like the trend, but something else gets in the way. You can’t find the perfect incarnation, or you think that’s it’s not flattering for your body type or complexion. Sometimes a trend is late in the cycle by the time it wins you over, and you feel it’s too late to join the party. And then there’s the finances. With a finite budget you can’t jump on every trend that tickles your fancy. Especially ones that might date in a season or two.

Recently I’ve found that I’m bypassing more and more trends because of the footwear they require.¬†For example, I really like the look of long, silky, slim-fit cargo pocket pants, which to my eye look best with at least 3-inch heels. Since I don’t wear heels that high unless it’s a sitting occasion, I say goodbye to the trend. Same goes for certain styles of tapered cropped trousers, skirts and dresses, which look fabulous with cage heels, monster wedges or super strappy sandals. Sure, I can choose to wear kitten heels or flats with trends that were meant to be worn with high heels, and sometimes do, but sometimes it just doesn’t look right. I find it such a shame!

Over to you. What are your main reasons for bypassing fashion trends?