I find it interesting that people have different approaches to what they wear inside and outside the house. During the week, mine is based on the appointments and engagements I have during the day. Although I’m showered and dressed quite early in the morning, I often don’t have outside appointments until mid-morning or afternoon. On those days I spend a few hours in the morning working on blog posts and doing administration.

I know people who wear a completely different outfit at home, but that’s not my approach. The foundation of my outfit — hosiery, socks, belt, watch, wedding ring, underwear and clothes sans outerwear — goes on after my morning shower. I do my hair and face, and sometimes add a necklace right away.

Just before leaving the house I add the bells and whistles:

  • Footwear: I wear comfy slippers at home 100% of the time unless we are entertaining guests.
  • Coat: For obvious reasons!
  • Jacket: I do not wear jackets indoors in my own home. But when we have guests and a blazer or denim jacket forms part of an outfit, I’ll keep it on along with the shoes.
  • Scarves: Sometimes I add a scarf. Unless it’s tied cravat style, I do not wear scarves at home.
  • Necklace: Chunky and extra dangly pieces tend to stay off while I’m at home.
  • Specs: I’m nearsighted and don’t need my specs for reading, cooking and working on the computer. I only wear my specs at home for TV watching sessions.

When I arrive back home, the coat, jacket, scarf, specs, shoes and extra dangly necklace come off immediately.

What is your approach? I know women that wear their entire outside outfit for the whole day, even when they are working or relaxing at home. And then there are others that have completely separate outfits for at home and away. Do you have any clever tricks for transitioning your outfit from inside to outside style?