If I handed you $2500 right now, how would you spend it on your own style? You can be as imaginative as you wish, but you must spend the money on yourself and you have three months to spend it. Note that this is anĀ imaginary $2500 gift (sorry if I created false hope!)

Now, I know that many people would not invest a $2500 windfall on a wardrobe item. There are many other things in your life that might be higher priorities. And perhaps your first thought would be to donate the money to charity. But this is just a fun exercise so pretend that you would splurge and spend it all on yourself.

Me? I can think of far too many ways to spend this type of money on beautiful wardrobe items. Here are my top 3 choices:

  • Blow it all on a Chanel handbag of my dreams, or a Mikimoto pearl ring
  • Spend it on several items at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July
  • Select a Prada handbag or a pair of boots, and a red Winter coat

Over to you. Thank you for indulging me.