It’s hardly a new look, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen front slits and vents on skirts and dresses in stores as a daytime trend (they are always popular for evening wear). I’m talking front slits and vents on minis, knee-length, midis and maxis skirts and dresses.

I vividly remember this as a big mid to late 90’s trend. I also remember trying on my first front slitted pencil skirt, with slightly off centre medium length front slit, and loving the way it looked in the mirror when I was stationary. But when I put it through it’s paces for the first time during a work day, things were decidedly different.

As a fashion buyer, I was often working with manufacturers at their offices. It was not a desk job. I found out the hard way that front slits don’t work that well when you’re active and often bending down to pick up production samples. I constantly tugged at my skirt and tried to cover my bare leg. For me, it was too much leg exposure – when moving around.

So I retired that skirt to sitting occasions only, but that didn’t work too well either. When sitting down, the slits crept up even higher.

That being said, I do like the look of front slits and vents on a well designed garment. It adds an unexpected alluring touch. On a hot day, it’s perfectly ventilating and less restrictive. It’s also a subtle way to showcase skin when wearing a longer skirt. So I vote yay for others, but  for the reasons I mentioned, it’s still a nay for me. What’s your verdict?