It’s not easy dressing for Spring here in Seattle where it’s still cold, wet and very grey. The sunny days are few and far between, and for some reason the weather right now is particularly dismal. That’s why we have to create our own sunshine with warmer layers and colours that make us smile.

Still true to my recent style epiphany, I want to make clean, simple, modern and bold fashion statements. This is what I wore to see a client yesterday and I am shiny from head to toe: sateen trench coat, silk blouse, brocade skirt, pearls and patent boots. (Clearly I have the magpie gene). But my handbag and hose are matte, and I stuck to dull silver accessories instead of sporting yellow gold.

While this outfit might be too bold, dressy and shiny for some, it makes me happy because I enjoy wearing bright acidic colours and shades of white. For several years now I’ve been besotted with this colour combination for Spring: white, citron and silver grey. I find it fresh and a nice change from my Winter colour palette, which is heavy on the black, grey and cream.

This is my new Bellatrix silk shirt in silver grey, layered over a white camisole for extra warmth. I couldn’t be happier with it because its structured and boxy in all the right places. I tucked it into a cream and silver brocade pencil skirt that I’ve owned for several seasons. The cream, low heeled go-go boots with nude fishnet hose add warmth and drama, as does the citron trench coat. I did not remove my trench coat while out and about with my client. I just kept it open so that it looked more relaxed and appropriate for indoors.

I didn’t want my huge gumball pearl necklace to overpower the outfit. So by adjusting the length, I wore them a little lower down my chest to make them less visible. There was just a hint of the white of the pearl against the silver grey of the shirt, which I think looks pretty. The outfit would have looked just fine without the pearls, but I really wanted to wear these oversized darlings again. And besides, glitzing up a grey day is never a bad idea.

We have uploaded these and a few additional photos to the YLF Facebook page.