There are countless ways to store scarves and you can be quite creative about their display. As far as possible, make them visible to the eye and in close proximity to your clothing. Storing scarves in a closed drawer is not ideal because one tends to forget about them that way.

I suggest the following scarf storage methods to my clients who are after quick, inexpensive and easy solutions:

  • Scarf Spinner: Hang the spinner in a coat closet, clothes cupboard, or walk in wardrobe. It’s a little bulky but works like a charm for all types of scarves (number 1 below).
  • Scarf Organizer: Great for small scarves and spaces. It doesn’t work well for large thick scarves (2).
  • Scarf Hanger: Also great for small spaces and successfully holds heavier weight scarves. (3).
  • Scarf basket, box or bin: Roll up scarves are keep them in an uncovered bin close to your clothes.

You can go to town with scarf storage if you have the time and space. Hang towel holders in your walk-in wardrobe and knot the scarves onto the holders. Display them on a tray close to your clothes. Hang scarves on separate hooks with the rest of your accessories. Design your own solution with a custom made closet. One of my clients hangs her scarves on a bar that’s part of the foot of her bed. It’s attractive in a fun and bohemian way and becomes part of the decor.

I have two piles of scarves that I display on an open shelf in our walk in wardrobe. I neatly fold up the scarves into rectangles so that I can see the colour and design. It’s more laborious to store scarves like this because I have to fold them up in a particular way to keep the piles looking neat. But it makes shopping in my closet more fun because I like the look of the display, AND I remember to add scarves to my outfits as an accessory option.

How do you store your scarves?