“White out” means wearing an outfit that is virtually white from head to toe, which includes footwear and accessories. So think of outfits with very low colour contrast, combining colours like white, off-white, bone, cream, very light tones of beige, nude, blush pink and silver grey. Metallic jewelry and footwear are key. Nude and light grey footwear are another option.

I vote yay, especially when the outfits are shades of texture-rich white and cream mixed with silver grey and pearls. The effect is soft, clean, pretty and Summery. I also love white dresses worn with metallic shoes and cream handbags. And I like the white out look both on pale and dark complexions.

I don’t wear the white out look often because I’m on Team High Colour Contrast. But when I do I keep things fairly bright by matching optical white and shimmery fabrics with metals. That way the outfit is still interesting and texture rich against my pale skin tone. I also wear a little more blush.

Over to you. Do you vote yay or nay. If you vote nay for yourself, do you like the white out look on others?