Inspired by the resurgence of 70’s style at New York Fashion Week, and seeing glamorous pictures of my late Mum in that era, I’m all over adding a subtle 70’s kick to my style right now.

I’m still a 60’s and 80’s fashion gal at heart, yet I’m surprised at how many 70’s inspired items I like and already have in my wardrobe. Bring on a little Charlie’s Angels and Abba fabulousness I say. Of course, my 70’s looks are not overly retro, dramatic, or bohemian since they still have to feel like me. Despite my current 70’s edge, I’ll always be “the Chanel girl in tomato red”, as one of friend’s describes my style.

High-waisted bell bottom jeans are as 70’s as it gets. For several reasons that’s not my thing so I opted for a baby version of the look in Gap’s Long & Leans. The hems aren’t quite as flared and the waistband isn’t as high, which suits me perfectly. That way I can wear flares with comfortable low heeled pumps, and create a belted look with tucked -in tops. When I tuck tops into jeans and add a belt, I prefer the rise to be a little lower than on my natural waistline because on me, the proportions look best that way.

I tucked in a black and grey textured turtleneck and added a dark brown studded belt. I accessorized with a shiny gold Chinese medallion courtesy of my late Mum’s jewelry box. This is another one of Mum’s pieces that took me 11 years to wear since it never felt right until very recently. I remember my Mum wearing this piece when I was a little girl in the 70’s. It warms my heart to do the medallion justice in my own wardrobe all these years later.

Since cat prints were huge in the 70’s, that’s what I like to wear on my feet with my flares. I topped it all off with a belted leather and faux fur jacket that I’ve had forever. Feelin’ groovy is working out for 2011.

This type of outfit is quite different to my normal style. The colours are fairly low contrasting and earthy, there is lots of gold, it’s not as clean and crisp looking, and there are no pearls. In the name of 70’s fashion fun I am enjoying the change.

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