Individual preferences are incredibly complex, but it can be fun to break things down into a simple this or that question. This is what I have been doing with the “Team X Team Y” posts for the last six months or so. Not too serious, just a simple matter of deciding which of two options (and those options only) resonates most. Sometimes it is hard, because you like both things, but most of the time one of them will resonate at least a little more.

Today’s choice is a good example. Most people do a combination of thrifting and buying items first hand in retail stores. But most people will also have a preference. The fun is to think about your own preference, and then explain it to the rest of us. Was it hard to decide? What makes your choice resonate?

I have been going to thrift stores for years and still frequent them fairly regularly. Unfortunately I come home empty handed 99.99% of the time because my size is seldom available in the items that tickle my fancy.

Given the size challenge, I spend most of my thrifting time looking at accessories. But this presents another challenge: when I do find an accessory that makes my heart go pitter patter, it usually costs an absolute fortune. This happened to me just last week in my Seattle neigbourhood. I saw a killer tomato red Chanel bag in great condition for $900. Although it is much cheaper than buying a similar product brand new, I just can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money in a thrift store! I’m not in the habit of buying extremely expensive handbags, but if I was going to buy a Chanel bag I think I’d rather spend more money and be the first and only owner. I know. This sounds ridiculous because I would be saving lots of money thrifting the item. But I can’t help it — that’s the way I feel.

So because I don’t have much luck at thrift stores, I am Team Retail. Over to you. Are you Team Thrift or Team Retail (note that the latter includes online shopping). No batting for both teams!