Casual Mum on the go outfits are very popular on YLF, so in the spirit of this season’s 70’s fashion revival, here’s a basic  Spring update that’s easy to put together:

  • Flared jeans: Faded washes are more decade appropriate. Try Gap’s Long & Leans, Perfect Boot, Curvy Boot and Sexy Boot. If you already have flared jeans, wear those.
  • Casual cotton blouse: Think crisp cottons or crocheted lace. The banded styles below from Lucky are particularly forgiving on the mid-section. For a slightly dressier look, try Lucky’s embroidered mesh tunic.
  • Clogs: You’re after a slip-on platform clog which you can wear with socks when it’s cold. I’ve shown the Fryes Clara Campus Clogs here because they are simple and versatile, but the Clarks Freesia Shells, Naya Hyacinth, and Ugg Vivica are just as fab, and comfy too.
  • Casual tote: Casual suede totes and hobos are very 70’s, as are large tapestry bags.
  • Turquoise jewelry: Think earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Choose a few of these options to add a bit of colour to the ensemble.
  • Shaggy vest: This is a dramatic optional extra for those who dare to wear the look. The Victoria’s Secret option below is a nice example.

To cover up when it’s chilly outside, add a short wool pea coat, a tweed or leather jacket, or sweater coat. And you don’t have to be a mom to wear this ensemble! It’s a sweet outfit for any gal on the go.

I took a lot of inspiration from Lucky Brand items in this ensemble and they happen to be having a two day site-wide sale on the 24th and 25th of January.

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