The New Year brings with it lots of 70’s style inspiration for Spring and Summer. Even though the early 60’s and mid 80’s are my favourite fashion eras, I can absolutely appreciate aspects of 70’s fashion. For one thing, I saw my Mum wear it for the first 10 years of my life and back then I unconditionally equated what she wore with style.

I’ve been going back to old photos of Mum in the 70’s and now that I’m ready to wear her jewelry, her outfits have inspired me to try some 70’s rich looks of my own. I also recently saw 1975 movie Three Days of the Condor and was equally inspired by what the actors wore on the set.

My Mum, brother and I had professional pictures taken in 1975 of which this photo was my Dad’s favourite – and it’s still framed on the dresser in my Dad’s apartment in the Netherlands. My Mum was 35, my brother Hugo 10, and I was 5 years old. Looks like turtle necks have always gone down well with Mum and me. And I can’t help but love my brother’s groovy shirt and oh so on trend 70’s hairstyle. Killer!

This picture brought back a flood of 70’s fashion memories that I’m going to use to update my style. I’ve already road tested some of the looks and felt fab all day – partly because they are so nostalgic.

Are you inspired by 70’s fashion, and do you have any old photos in your family album that can bring the decade to life? Share them in the forum if you dare!