I only offer my unsolicited fashion and style advice to two people: darling hubby Greg and my dear sweet Dad. Papa is much relieved that I’ve taken over his wardrobe management, since he loathes shopping and my Mum is not there to do it for him anymore. And Greg appreciates my two cents most of the time – as I appreciate his style advice most of the time! I do not offer unsolicited style advice to anyone else.

When I was discussing this post with Greg, he pointed out that I do offer my opinions to friends, colleagues and family members in ways that are more subtle than direct advice.

First, I reinforce people positively with compliments. For example, if I saw someone wearing a colour that brings out the rose in their cheeks and the sparkle in their eye, I would gush about it to them. Second, I sometimes buy people gifts of apparel and accessories, and implicit in a gift is the message that I think the item will work well on them.

In neither case is this a conscious effort to give style advice, but I guess Greg is right that I am providing a point of view. Perhaps I’m not as restrained as I thought.

What’s your policy on offering unsolicited style advice to others? Care to share a few stories?