I’m going with a cautious yay. To my eye, the style of a cape needs to be cut just so in order for it not to look like it’s swallowing you whole.

Taller women do pull off the cape look with greater ease, because height helps balance out the unstructured volume of the style. Pairing the look with sleek bottoms is a must.

I do not fancy the look of a petite women in a long cape, just because she completely disappears in the silhouette. However, petites can look great in capelets which are cropped to the hip bone. I vote yay on those styles too.

While I probably wouldn’t wear a cape because I’m more of a trapeze coat gal, I adore the examples on the models above. The shorter lengths (just covering the bottom) work well with the added volume. The capes wouldn’t look as flattering if they were longer.

What is your vote?