Retail stores get to wipe their slates clean at the beginning of a season no matter how unappealing their ranges were the season before. New fashion buyers, a new management team, a new fashion office, and new marketing strategies can completely change the look of a retail clothing assortment from one season to the next. Everyone gets a chance to start over twice a year – once for Spring and once for Autumn. So don’t give up on a retail store too quickly!

Gap’s ladieswear has left me cold for years. Perhaps I wasn’t in the target market, but I found their merchandise very much geared to kids in school. Occasionally I’d find the odd gem within the mix for myself and for clients. But they were few and far between. Things are changing. Looks like the Gap wants to capture a little more than the going back to school crowd. I’m in.

I was impressed with their jeggings a few weeks ago, and here are a few more items that are worth a look:

  • Dolman T: So 80’s, so fab and so easy. It’s long, a good weight and has a great sleeve length. The scooped neck is a deep but you can pull it back. They have many more colours available in stores. If I wore T-shirts, this is the one I would wear.
  • Cowl Neck T: Even though the cowl neckline comes down quite low, it’s fine to wear with a camisole. Soft, drapey but not clingy. If you prefer high necklines like I do, wear this style back to front. It works surprisingly well.
  • Sleeveless Cowl Top: It fits similarly to the Cowl Neck T but sans sleeves. A great layering top.
  • Silky Ruffle Dress: A super little easy casual dress when worn with casual flats or wedges. The review says its clingy but I did not get that impression.
  • Coated Canvas Tote: Available in many colours. Practical and vegan friendly.
  • Vintage Cardigan: A cotton-nylon-silk blend ideal for sensitive skin. Nice fit and offered in a lovely assortment of colours. Casual, preppy and comfy.

Gap Dolman TGap Cowlneck TGap Sleeveless Cowlneck Top

Gap Silky Ruffle DressGap Coated Canvas HoboGap Vintage Cardigan

I also saw an adorable pair of menswear inspired tweed walk shorts with turn-ups that isn’t available online. The fit was roomy which makes a nice change to snug jeggings and leggings. I have my eye on those to wear with boots for Autumn.

Most of Gap’s merchandise is available from sizes XS to XXL, and often in petites and talls too. It’s also not hard to get a Gap discount coupon online so don’t be put off these full price items yet. Have you had luck shopping at the Gap lately?