When it comes to style preferences, one big difference between my late Mum and me was our choice of metal. Mum always wore gold and I love silver. My Mum thought that gold was by far the superior metal, and that includes hardware on accessories. Perhaps it was her generation, or perhaps it was cultural. Either way, Mum often encouraged her daughter to wear gold jewelry. When I was very little, I wore a gold necklace and gold stud earrings. That changed by about the age of 10 when my preference for silver came to the fore.

So I’m definitely on Team Silver. For the last 29 years I’ve been very particular about sporting only silver, white gold or platinum. So much so that I couldn’t purchase a handbag or wallet unless the hardware was silver too. But thanks to last year’s YLF challenge, I started to include a bit more gold into my wardrobe, both in handbags and jewelry. My Mum would be VERY happy.

Over to you. Are you Team Gold or Team Silver? If you prefer platinum or white gold, you’ll bat for Team Silver. Remember that you have to pick a side!