Not all daughters are close to their Mothers and that’s okay, but I was close to mine. So like I do every year, I dedicate this Mother’s Day post to all YLF mothers, and my precious late Mum most of all.

Over the years, I’ve shown pictures of my very glam Mum when she was dressed up for an occasion or posing for a formal photo shoot. But she was also, like all Mums, very much a Mum-on-the-go and that’s how you’ll see her today. I was about six years old in these pictures so hello 1976.

My Mum took fashion and style seriously, but she took her children and dogs even more seriously. She took us wherever we needed to go and saw to our every need without question.  And even though my Mum looked like she couldn’t get down and dirty – she could and did. But it was always with the utmost grace, chic and the very best posture.

We lived in Hong Kong in the 70’s and for several years in a row we spent part of the Summer vacationing in Hawaii. It was all about swimming, beach barbecues, picnics and going to the zoo. I have such fond memories of those trips.


My Mum was a frock gal so she wore dresses as a busy Mum on the go. That’s Mum and me at a picnic table on the beachfront in Hawaii. I can’t remember what I did to my shorts but they’re off and that’s why I’m standing in my knickers. The other picture is us at the zoo a couple of days later on the same Hawaiin holiday. We used to spend the entire day at the zoo and we loved, loved, loved petting the animals and deciding which ones we’d bring back with us on the plane home. Looks like I became a frock gal too.

The family also did outdoorsy stuff, which made my Dad and brother especially happy. I remember going on long weekend day trips which involved lots of walking and hiking on some of the outlying islands of Hong Kong. We’d take a hydrofoil ferry to get there and be kitted out in sports gear ready for an active day. Even in those settings my Mum and I were joined at the hip wearing matching windbreakers (mine red and Mum’s mustard) as we danced the polka on the deck of the ferry.

Polka on Deck

We also spent great Summer days on Chinese boats called junks, cruising the Hong Kong bays. My older brother and I plus a few of our friends would swim and play games while Mum kept a watchful eye in her bikini, turban and sunglasses. Never an unstylish moment for Mum, who’d also get into the water with us once she’d swapped out her turban for a floral swimming cap.

Mum Swimming

Even though I was little back then, I vividly remember my Mum’s elegance. She never let her style get in the way of doing things with her children, yet she was always well turned out. Whether it was swimming in the pool, riding horses, playing in the sand, taking dogs for walks or hiking up a mountain, Mum looked impeccable and feminine no matter what.

We don’t have children so I’m not a Mum on the go. But if I was a mother, my Mum would have inspired my style. I love the way she kept her look dressy and feminine but wasn’t worried about getting dirty and messy either.

I miss you Mum. I wish that we could still have Summer barbecues, go on junk trips and take our dogs for walks. It’s 10 years since you passed away and I still think about beautiful you each day, wishing that at the very least I could hear your voice on the phone. Sadly that’s not possible, but I’ll take the priceless memories. You are in my heart forever.

We at YLF wish you a very happy Mother’s Day this Sunday.