Happy Mother’s Day! It is to your mothers that I dedicate this blog entry. Convince your Mums that they too can ooze with style at their age – elegance and grace does not date.

In fact, you can consider giving your Mum the gift of style for Mother’s Day. Here are some suggestions:

  • Hair – older women look best with shorter hair. Silver grey shades can be gorgeous, but only if her skin tone allows it. Treat Mum to a new hair colour and cut.
  • Make-up – women over 50 often wear too much makeup. Liquid eyeliner from the 60’s, blue eye shadow from the 80’s and enough foundation to keep the cosmetic industry booming is not flattering. Update Mum’s makeup application by letting her know that “less is still more” – even at her age. A session with a professional make-up artist would make a lovely gift.
  • Accessories – flat metallic shoes, a metallic bag, or long beaded necklace will instantly pop Mum into this season, and the ones to follow.
  • Readers – buy a pair of funky yet elegant readers to replace Mum’s dowdy ones. Do the same with outdated specs and sunglasses.
  • Dressy attire – our wardrobes should get dressier as we get older. Get Mum out of basic plain or printed t-shirts and into casual collared shirts, blouses, tunics and twin sets (sweater sets). Layer them with lightweight unlined jackets for comfort and extra chic. Match them up with structured (non elasticized at the waist) flat front pants and skirts. Take Mum shopping for this type of clothing, making sure that the silhouettes are form fitting yet comfortable. Selecting items with stretch is a good idea.
  • Flattering jeans – if Mum likes to wear jeans, make sure that she’s wearing an updated pair that have a contoured waist (higher at the back and lower in the front) and are boot cut at the ankle. Take Mum shopping for a pair of dark blue denim jeans – darker is always smarter and therefore more age appropriate.
  • No more Nikes – big white sneakers are only for working out in. Treat Mum to a comfortable pair of ladylike walking shoes (Clarks, Aerosloes, or smart fashion sneakers) available at any department store.
  • Colour – introduce Mum to a bit of colour. Black is not always best. Treat her to a white item of clothing that she can mix and match with the black that she already has. Combine this with metallic accessories and she’ll look fabulous!
  • Hands and feet – pretty hands and feet are timeless. A manicure and pedicure for Mum is always a perfect gift.
  • Wearing a scent – there is nothing more feminine then smelling delicious. If Mum is not in the habit of wearing a scent every day, recommend that she does and buy her one that you know she’ll love.

Have fun treating your precious mothers and remind them of the fact that style is eternal.


Mum: I was blessed with an incredibly stylish mother. I often think back to how she encompassed immaculate style even at 59 years of age when she passed away. I have spent many years in the fashion game, but I learned some of my best lessons from her.