The cream Fidji mary janes that you see below are perfect for my feet and style. But when I drive and walk, the top part of the toe box gets scuffed with black marks, probably because it protrudes more than most shoes. Not so fab.

A friend suggested I try erasing the scuff marks with Mr. Cleans “Magic Eraser”, which is typically used to clean walls. So off I went to buy the goodie and viola! Works like a charm. All you do is wet the sponge and rub off the scuff marks.

Delighted with the result, I got a little eraser happy with all my light coloured shoes and bags. They look much better. In some instances, the scuff marks were not completely removed, but it’s taken the edge off for sure.

Warning: the eraser only works for marks that are created on the surface of the leather. Marks that are caused by scratches that remove leather cannot be erased in this way. And please be careful — this technique worked for me, but I can’t guarantee that it won’t damage your items.

Scuffed Mary JanesMagic Wall Eraser

I bought my Magic Eraser at QFC, but you can probably find it in many different outlets. Make sure you get the Magic Eraser for walls. I initially came home with the surface cleaning pads and wasn’t too happy when I realized I’d bought the wrong thing.